Knowledge and action

Yoga is a means to sannyasa There is tyaga or renunciation in karma yoga also. There is renunciation of karmaphala or the fruit of action which is in fact the renunciation of likes and dislikes pertaining to karmaphala. In vividisa sannyasa, there is the renunciation of kartrtva or the sense of doership which is by the knowledge of the Self that is akarta or nondoer by nature. You cannot give up doership because the one who decides to give up the doership is the doer of the action of giving up the action. The fact is the Self is free from action. You should know this. This is a matter of knowing and that is called vidvat sannyasa or the sannyasa characterised by knowledge. This is the sannyasa in the real sense and so a sannyasi has also also to become a sannyasi!

A karma yogi gains that mind and thereby becomes a sannyasi, Even if he does not become a sannyasi in terms of an order, he can become a sannyasi in knowledge. And that is in order. That is Lord Krishna's contention in the whole of Gita.